Alaska Forklifts

Alaska Forklifts – Making The Right Purchase Decision

Alaska Forklifts for Sale – Alaska, situated in the northwestern part of North America, is the largest state by land area at around 670,000 square miles, but the third least populous. It is the least congested state, too, with nearly 50% of its more than 738,000 population residing in the Anchorage metropolitan area. Fishing, natural gas and oil industries are its major economic drivers. In fact, approximately 80% of the state’s revenues come from the extraction of petroleum. 

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Other important players in the economy are military bases, tourism, and exports of fish products, including Pollock, salmon, cod and crab. The agriculture sector only accounts for a small fraction of Alaska’s gross state products.

Alaska, the only non-contiguous state of America, was bought by the Federal Government from the Russian Empire in 1867 for $7.2 million. Around 65% of its land is under the ownership and management of the U.S. government as public lands, including its vast national parks, wildlife refuges, and forests. 

It is the highest percentage of land ownership by the Federal Government among all states. Excluding Native corporation holdings, Alaska is also the state with the smallest percentage of private land ownership, accounting for only around 1% of the land area.

Estimating Prices of Alaska Forklifts

One of the most important considerations when buying Alaska forklifts – whether new or used – is deciding on what type of propulsion system to use. In particular, you have to decide on whether you are going for an electric Alaska Forklifts that uses batteries or an internal combustion that requires fossil fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or LPG. There are also emerging technologies that utilize compressed natural gas and hydrogen fuel cells. 

Assuming everything is equal, including the lift height and load capacity, electric forklifts are preferred for indoor operations due to their little or zero emissions, while an internal combustion is a better option for outdoor use.

The price of new Alaska forklifts usually ranges from $15,000 to more than $100,000 where size is a direct influence of the total cost. An internal combustion forklift of standard size is cheaper than its electric counterparts. When purchasing an electric forklift, there are a number of upfront costs involved, including battery packs, battery charging space, battery rechargers, and battery swapping equipment and personnel. 

Nevertheless, while electric Alaska Forklifts are costlier upfront, they have lower hourly operating cost. You can buy a 5,000 lb electric forklift for $18,000- $25,000 while an IC counterpart may cost $16,000 to over $28,000. The price tag increases as forklift weight rises, too.

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