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Arkansas Forklifts for Sale – Arkansas, located in the southeastern part of America was once a cashless society and agricultural dependent until it learned to diversify. Only around 3% of its population is employed in the agriculture sector, but farming and cattle raising remain essential parts of the economy. In fact, the state is the largest producer of broilers, turkeys, and rice in the U.S and among top three producers of cotton, pullets, and aquaculture. 

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The state is ranked 13th based on the value of agricultural products sold nationwide. Much of Arkansas’ investments are now devoted to tourism and automobile parts manufacturing. The state has witnessed a lot of automobile parts manufacturers opening their facilities in eastern Arkansas in recent years. Meanwhile, the completion of the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock gave a major boost to the tourism sector.

The forestry sector is also an important economic player with Arkansas ranked 4th largest producer of softwood lumber nationally. With nearly 25,000 created jobs annually, the sector is also the largest employer in South Arkansas. Thanks to its vast forest, Arkansas is able to produce lumber, newsprint, paper and other by-products in large volume. 

Around 19 million acres or nearly 60% of its total land base are forest lands. Moreover, almost 50% of jobs created in Arkansas are coming from forestry-related jobs such production of paper mills, sawmill and wood preservation, and manufacturing o veneer and plywood, sanitary paper products, and paperboard container.

Estimating Prices of Arkansas Forklifts

Prices of Arkansas forklifts can fluctuate depending on the demand factors, including general business cycle as well as the replacement cycles of end-users. There are also supply factors that come into play such as the order size, and various features such as the lift capacity, frames and masts, tires and engines. 

The price of a new Arkansas Forklifts usually ranges from $15,000 to more than $100,000 where size is a direct influence of the total cost. Average-sized new forklifts may cost $20,000 to $50,000.

Not everyone has the resources to buy a brand new Arkansas forklifts. Others are opting for pre-owned Arkansas forklifts to save upfront cost. Used forklifts are often 40-50% cheaper than their equivalent new models. They are rated based on the overall condition, the brand, and hours of use. The price may also vary depending on whether it is directly sold by private firms or through a Arkansas Forklifts dealer. 

Forklifts being sold by private firms are cheaper but buying from certified dealers are more advisable due to some benefits. Dealers usually conduct comprehensive inspections before marketing used or reconditioned forklifts. They also issue warranties, unlike private firms whose goal is to only sell the equipment.

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