California Forklifts

California Forklifts – The Right Price for the Right Features

California Forklifts for Sale – California, located on the western coast of America, has the largest population among all states. It is also ranked third in terms of land area. By economic activity, California would be the sixth largest economy if it was a country. Approximately 60% of its economy come from public spending, finance, technology, professional services and property. A number of modern industries such as the Internet, personal computers and film have actually originated in California. 

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Thus, it is not surprising to see giant firms putting up their headquarters here. Among which is healthcare company McKesson and technology giant Apple. Energy firm Chevron, named among 20 largest companies based on revenues, also has its main office in California.

Interestingly, California’s agriculture sector has the highest total output compared to other states of America despite a minimal 2% share only to the state’s economy. If you think California is only about surfing, beaches, iPhones and Hollywood, think again. The state is actually one of the most productive places on earth, thanks to its long growing season, fertile soil, wide-ranging economic system, and innovations in farming methods and equipment. 

Most of the food supplied for much of America are actually sourced from California. This is the reason why it is also called the ‘breadbasket of the world.’ It leads the nation in the production of wines, fruits and vegetables, and nuts. Dairy products alone have the largest share of farm income. The state’s agriculture sector is estimated to be worth $42.6 billion.

Estimating Prices of California Forklifts

While it is important to have the right brand and the right features for California forklifts, its cost remains one of the key deciding factors. There are various types of California Forklifts and prices varies largely on the engine type, manufacturer, and lift capacity. New California forklifts can cause anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on the model and capacity. The costliest type is the rough terrain forklift which is being sold for over $100,000 while the narrow aisle is the cheapest at about $10,000 tag price.

Gas-powered forklifts with capacities of 2 and 2.5 tons are the most common in the market. You can buy from less well-known Chinese manufacturer a gas-powered forklift for about $18,500 while a German manufacturer can command a higher price of about $20,000. But regardless where you would buy your California Forklifts, computing for the total cost of ownership should also take into account fuel and maintenance costs. Operating cost can range from $1 per hour for small electric trucks and over $20 per hour for larger internal combustion trucks.

California Forklifts State Resources

California State Website

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