Forklifts For Sale

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

Forklifts For Sale

Top Reasons to Purchase Forklifts For Sale

Do you need New Forklift?
Perhaps a Used Forklift is what you need?
Did you know about Forklift Rentals?

Forklifts For Sale

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

When considering forklifts for sale there is much to consider.

New Vs Used Forklift for Sale

Do you want a new or used lift truck to fulfill your forklifts for sale need? Perhaps a leased or forklift rentals will fill your material handling requirements?  One of the best things to do when considering forklifts for sale is to understand your exact needs:

  • How high does the Forklift For Sale need to lift? Do you have very high shelving – it will be important for you to know the highest lift point before inquiring about forklifts for sale.  Conversely, it is important that you know the lowest doorway clearance that you wish your forklift truck to pass through.
  • How heavy are the loads for the Forklift For Sale, and what dimensions?You should have a good idea of the types of material the lift truck will be handling as you might need specialized forklift accessories or forklift attachments.  For instance, if you handle lots of drums you might want your forklift truck to easily attach to a forklift drum grabber.  It is also important to know the weight of your common loads because electric forklifts are not necessarily a good choice for heavy lifting, say over 5,000 lbs.
  • What is the working environment of the Forklift For Sale? It is vital to have some measurements of any close quarters the fork truck operator might encounter when operating the newly purchased forklift.  Know the width of your isles so your forklift purchase will have the correct turning radius and be able to maneuver within your material handling environment.
  • Will your fork lift truck be used indoors, outdoors, or both? When reviewing forklifts for sale it will be essential you know the types of terrain your forklift will operate: flat and dry concrete, gravel covered lots, or possibly rough or muddy ground?  The type of ground and weight of your forklift loads will help you determine what type of forklift tires to utilize and possibly influence whether you pick an electric forklift, diesel, propane, or gas engine forklift.
  • What sort of hours will your forklift operate? If you are going to be constantly using your forklift you might consider a propane forklift because bottles can be quickly changed out.  However, if you are only going to be working your fork truck a few hours a day a used forklift might satisfy your needs.  If you are only going to need your lift truck occasionally (a few times a year) you might consider a forklift rental or fork truck lease.

Keep these things in mind when considering forklifts for sale.

Lull Forklifts

Forklifts For Sale – Forklifts are powerful industrial machines that lift and move heavyweight materials through short distances. All warehouse setups, especially those that specialize in heavy loads like lumber, machinery, construction materials, and bulk goods, make use of these trucks to move and organize materials. The efficiency of Forklift For Sale would reduce the need for manpower and also save time.

Investing in forklifts isn’t easy on the wallet. These machines are an expensive investment, so most forklifts are often bought, sold, and traded from one company to another so that it would be less costly to acquire one of these machines. However, making use of used Forklift For Sale can be prone to breakdowns and malfunctioning. Sometimes, the repair and maintenance of used forklifts can even amount to as much as purchasing a brand new one.

Forklifts For Sale – Hidden Gems

Going with the decision to invest in new forklifts for sale only has one downside—its price. But if the investor is a large company who is able to make that investment, then purchasing a new forklift truck is the best decision to make.

Firstly, new Forklifts For Sale come fresh from the assembly line. That means it is equipped with the latest technology, and that it is free of any prior damage and deterioration that will compromise its life span and functionality. The machine, especially if maintained properly, could be used for years by the company without it breaking or malfunctioning. For the first couple of years, the forklifts wouldn’t require much repairs or maintenance so there wouldn’t be additional costs involving the machine, and that’s why purchasing a new forklift is the best decision if a company plans to make use of it for a long period of time.

Secondly, it allows the investor or the company to purchase directly from the forklift dealer and select the model that the investor requires. For example, a company that is involved in construction of buildings would require a Forklift For Sale with a high weight capacity whereas a wholesale shopping center would only need a small forklift enough to move stacks of boxes around the warehouse.

There are also Forklifts For Sale that can maneuver forward and backward diagonally and laterally on any surface, so companies who don’t require a forklift that can do that could choose to invest in something smaller and cheaper. The type of terrain that the forklift would be used for also matters, since there are forklifts meant for rough surfaces and there are ones meant for smooth ones. Choosing the proper kind of forklift would let the investor pay the proper amount of money and maximize the functions of the machine.

Forklifts for sale are produced and manufactured by numerous companies like Raymond, Hyster, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nippon, Crown, and CAT, and are sold by various dealers all around the world. Some dealers specialize in one kind or one brand of forklifts, whereas some dealers have an extensive range of machines of different kinds and brands. These dealers can also assist the investor on the forklift most suited for their business, saving time, energy, and money.

Hyster Forklifts

Toyota Forklifts

Crown Forklifts

Forklift Types

Forklifts come in a variety of types and sizes to fit your requirement.

Sit Down Rider


Sit down forklift has a seat for a rider which faces the mast. In this position operator can see the lifting process while comfortably seated, which increases productivity.

Pallet Jack


Pallet jacks make pulling product through the warehouse or distribution center easy and convenient. Pallet jacks are cheap, small in size, and good for small loads.

Reach Truck


Reach Trucks deliver on efficiency, safety and performance. Unique features coupled with the longstanding productivity, ergonomics and low cost of ownership.

Order Picker


An Order Picker solves even the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs. They easily maneuver narrow aisles in warehouses with minimized rack impact during case picking.

Rough Terrain


Rough Terrain forklifts are designed to be driven over uneven and rocky surfaces transporting a heavy load. Due to size, tires, and weight capacity, these forklifts are primarily used outdoors.

Lull Forklift


The Lull forklift features a unique sliding chassis frame that allows workers to reach forward and retract, with an additional seven feet, without having to move the equipment.

Aerial Lifts


Aerial platforms and scissor lifts are for lifting workers (usually one or two people) and are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications.

Bucket Trucks

bucket trucks

Articulated telescopic bucket trucks are designed to be the safest and most reliable aerial lifts for the telecom, utility, electric power distribution & transmission and sign & light industries.

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