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Idaho Forklifts for Sale – Idaho is an agricultural state located in the northwestern part of America. The state has approximately 25,000 farms and ranches that produce more than 180 different commodities. It is responsible for more than 30% of potatoes produced in the U.S. Moreover, all three varieties of wheat, namely the hard red, the soft white, and the dark northern spring grow in Idaho. Idaho is also amongst the leading producers of cheese and wine. 

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The agriculture sector’s total sales in 2015 reached $7.5 billion, while processed food and beverage has cash receipt amounting to $8.5 billion. The two sectors when combined account for 21% of Idaho’s economic output in sales and 16% of its gross state product.

Idaho, a mountainous state, too, has forestry sector playing a key role in its economy. Around 40% of Idaho’s land are under the government’s management. No state has a higher percentage of land owned by the government than Idaho. Other sectors contributing largely to its economy include food processing, mining, lumber and wood products, tourism and manufacturing. 

A number of research and technology firms have operations in the state, while some have set-up their headquarters here. In fact, the world’s largest barrel cheese factory, with a 120,000 metric tons annual capacity is based in Idaho. Also located here are the Idaho National Laboratory and Federal Government’s largest Department of Energy Facility.

Estimating Prices of Idaho Forklifts

While it is important to have the right brand and the right features for Idaho forklifts, the price you pay remains one of the key deciding factors. There are various types of forklifts and prices varies largely on the engine type, manufacturer, and lift capacity. A new forklift may cost $15,000 to $30,000. The costliest type is the rough terrain forklift which is being sold for over $100,000 while the narrow aisle is the cheapest at about $10,000 tag price.

However, spending for new Idaho forklifts does not end there. One thing that you need to take account, too, is how much it will cost to operate it. Operating cost can range from $1 per hour for small electric trucks and over $20 per hour for larger internal combustion trucks.

For those on a budget, buying a used Idaho Forklifts can also be an option. Prices for used forklifts are usually 40-50% lower than the new ones. They are rated based on the overall condition, the brand, and hours of use. The price may also vary depending on whether it is directly sold by private firms or through a dealer. 

Idaho Forklifts being sold by private firms are cheaper but buying from certified dealers are more advisable due to some benefits. Dealers usually conduct comprehensive inspections before marketing used or reconditioned forklifts. They also issue warranties, unlike private firms whose goal is to only sell the equipment.

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