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Iowa Forklifts for Sale – Situated in the Midwestern region of America is a naturally vegetated state, Iowa. Its topography is also comprised of wetlands and forest. Iowa is often viewed as an agricultural state due to various crops growing in more than 60% of its land. The rest is covered by grasslands (30%) and forests (7%). However, in real terms, the agriculture sector only accounts for a little portion of the state’s economy. 

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Agricultural production and sales only have less than 4% share in Iowa’s total output. Its main farm products are eggs, hogs, cattle dairies, and corn. The key economic contributors, meanwhile are government services, insurance, biotechnology, finance, and manufacturing sectors.

The manufacturing sector is the primary driver of Iowa’s economy, accounting for more than 20% of the state’s total output at over $20 billion. Furthermore, the sector’s total employment shares 16% of the state’s workforce. The vibrant manufacturing activity is attributed mainly to the state’s large-scale road, rail and airport network that help in linking Iowa’s businesses with the rest of the world. 

Major components of the manufacturing sector are food processing and industrial products such as primary metals, electric equipment, publishing, and machinery. The sector is also responsible for almost 90% of Iowa’s exports with a total value of over $13 billion.

Estimating Prices of Iowa Forklifts

Iowa Forklifts come in various sizes, shapes and engine types. Hence, you cannot expect to pay the same for a 2.5t electric forklift as a 15t diesel. While it is true that the higher the capacity, the costlier the Iowa forklifts will be, getting a more accurate estimate is not as simple as you think. 

Greater weight capacity is needed to counterbalance heavier loads, which in turn, requires stronger masts, larger chassis and engine type with more grunt, etc. As a general rule, internal combustion (IC) engine forklifts such as LPG and diesel has almost the same upfront costs.

Today, electric Iowa Forklifts are more in demand elsewhere in the U.S. than their IC counterparts. This is despite the fact that electric forklifts are more expensive to purchase. You can buy a 5,000 lb electric forklift for $18,000- $25,000 while an IC counterpart may cost $16,000 to over $28,000. 

The price tag increases as Iowa Forklifts weight rises, too. The popularity of electric forklifts over IC units are attributed to the simplicity and cleanliness of electric power compared to natural gas. Prices for used forklifts are usually 40-50% lower than the new ones. They are rated based on the overall condition, the brand, and hours of use.

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