Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

JCB Forklifts

JCB Forklifts – One Of The Most Trusted Names

JCB Forklifts – When it comes to construction and heavy equipment, JCB is one of the most trusted names. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of heavy equipment in the world. This article will look into what this company has to offer and the qualities of the forklifts they make.


Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

Compare Forklift Prices and save up to 30%!

About JCB

Saying that JCB is big would be an understatement. The company employs over 12,000 people around the world and they have a presence in over 150 countries. JCB is a real global company and brand.

The company has over 70 years of experience in the industry and they have invested heavily in research and development. That has paid off with high-quality equipment, including the forklifts that they have to offer to the market.

JCB Forklifts

JCB manufactures very tough rough-terrain forklifts that are ideal for use in uneven ground. They are very versatile, which makes them ideal for use in different industries and settings. These forklifts are very easy to use, so an operator can start utilizing it without spending too much time on the training and learning its unique characteristics.

This forklift can help increase the productivity of the workplace, no matter what the industry is used in.

Those are just some of the qualities of the forklifts made by JCB. Does that mean those are the best ones for you?

Choosing the Right Forklift for You

Forklifts are some of the most common equipment in work areas. That includes warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing facilities. Any work area that requires the regular lifting of heavy materials will need a forklift or two. Some large facilities will need a whole fleet of them.

Here are a few of the things to think about when looking for a forklift that you can use for your business.

Work Area
The first thing to consider when choosing your forklift is the work area. What kind of surroundings will it be used in? JCB forklifts are rough terrain forklifts (RTF). That means JCB forklifts can move around easily on unpaved ground. It does not need an even floor, making it ideal for use in construction sites and other outdoors work areas.

Sometimes, forklifts will be required for use in an indoor setting where diesel or a gasoline engine running is not acceptable. In those instances, electric forklifts are the best options since they are silent but they can only handle a little load at a time.

Load Capacity
This is the most important consideration if you are looking to buy a forklift for your business.

How much is the load capacity of the JCB Forklifts that you are purchasing? The smallest of the forklifts from JCB is made with a maximum load capacity of 6,000 lbs. That should be enough for most work areas but they have other heavier forklifts that you can choose from.

The lift height is also quite crucial. The lift height requirement would vary for each workspace would vary.

Power Source
Another important characteristic to think about is the power source used by the forklift. The use of the electric forklift has been mentioned before. Those are ideal for use in indoor settings but become useless in the outdoors. Also, electric forklifts are not that powerful yet.

JCB forklifts are powered by diesel engines that can deliver the functionality needed. The only problem is that these forklifts cannot be used in enclosed warehouses. Because of the toxic fumes they generate, all work must be done outside.

Types of Tires
There are different kinds of tires that are available for use in JCB Forklifts. There are ordinary ones, which are the most commonly used tires. Then there are the ones which do not leave a mark.

Operator Safety
Operator safety is very crucial now when it comes to choosing the most ideal forklift to use in your business. The operator should have the option to evacuate the vehicle all the time. The comfort of the operator must be considered too.

Operators are often running with their machines for hours on end. They would have a hard time  working if the JCB Forklifts was not designed to make them feel comfortable to some degree.

JCB forklifts are designed with the operators in mind so there are some provisions and design features that make it an ideal option. For example, the seats of their equipment are designed to extra comfortable.

Parts and Services

JCB Forklifts, like other equipment, are bound to breakdown and the more they are used, the more quickly they will get worn down. What will you do in case your forklift is damaged? Where will get the necessary repairs?

This is why it is better to trust a brand that has a global presence. JCB has a presence in over  150 countries and they can provide full back up to those who would purchase their equipment. This means their parts are readily available too.

They also have a responsive customer service team that can handle client concerns as quickly as possible.

New Or Used?

There is no single answer to this question.

In some cases, a used forklift can perform the duties needed by a business from a forklift. They will not be lifting impossibly heavy loads or they will only be used occasionally. Used JCB forklifts are being sold all over the world now.

For businesses that require lots of moving material, a new forklift would be a better option. Not only does it provide the power you need but they will also last longer. Ideally, you should only trust a well-known brand like JCB when it comes to choosing your equipment.

These are just some of the things that must be considered when picking a forklift. Like any other equipment, there are a lot of technical specs which you should be familiar with but at the end of the day, it would come down to the load capacity and the height that it can reach.

Think about what JCB forklifts have to offer. They’ve been around for so long that you can bet that they know what they’re doing when it comes forklifts.

Forklift Types

Forklifts come in a variety of types and sizes to fit your requirement.

Sit Down Rider


Sit down forklift has a seat for a rider which faces the mast. In this position operator can see the lifting process while comfortably seated, which increases productivity.

Pallet Jack


Pallet jacks make pulling product through the warehouse or distribution center easy and convenient. Pallet jacks are cheap, small in size, and good for small loads.

Reach Truck


Reach Trucks deliver on efficiency, safety and performance. Unique features coupled with the longstanding productivity, ergonomics and low cost of ownership.

Order Picker


An Order Picker solves even the most challenging high-reaching warehouse needs. They easily maneuver narrow aisles in warehouses with minimized rack impact during case picking.

Rough Terrain


Rough Terrain forklifts are designed to be driven over uneven and rocky surfaces transporting a heavy load. Due to size, tires, and weight capacity, these forklifts are primarily used outdoors.

Lull Forklift


The Lull forklift features a unique sliding chassis frame that allows workers to reach forward and retract, with an additional seven feet, without having to move the equipment.

Aerial Lifts


Aerial platforms and scissor lifts are for lifting workers (usually one or two people) and are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications.

Bucket Trucks

bucket trucks

Articulated telescopic bucket trucks are designed to be the safest and most reliable aerial lifts for the telecom, utility, electric power distribution & transmission and sign & light industries.

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