Massachusetts Forklifts

What You Need to Know Before Buying Massachusetts Forklifts

Massachusetts Forklifts for Sale – Massachusetts, located in the northeastern part of America, is the most populous state in the New England region. It is a highly urbanized state, but the agriculture sector remains an important contributor of the economy. In fact, more than 40% of its state’s inland comprised by temperate deciduous forests were cleared for agricultural purposes. 

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It has around 8,000 farms with a total of 2,120 and averaging 0.273 per piece. Massachusetts is the second largest cranberry producer in America, only next to Wisconsin. Its other farm products are apples, and sweetcorn.

With a per capita personal income reaching over $53,000, Massachusetts ranked third wealthiest state in America. Thirteen of the world’s biggest companies, including Boston’s Liberty Mutual Insurance Group and Springfield’s MassMutual Financial Services are headquartered in Massachusetts. Tourism is a key economic contributor to the state with Boston, Cape Cod, Plymouth, Berkshire, and Salem as popular tourist attractions. 

Other key sectors include information technology, defense, healthcare, biotechnology and finance. High-tech industry is still growing, albeit at a slower pace in the 21st century. For every $5 paid in wages in Massachusetts, around $1 comes from the high tech sector.

Estimating Prices of Massachusetts Forklifts

Are you looking at buying forklifts anytime soon? The prices of Massachusetts forklifts differ significantly on account to many factors. First, prior to purchasing, you need to decide whether you would go for a new or used one and for which engine type to use – the internal combustion (IC) or electric forklifts. IC Massachusetts Forklifts operate mainly on LPG or natural gas while electric counterparts are battery operated and require occasional charging. 

Other factors to consider include, model, tires and load capacity. The price of Massachusetts forklifts also depends on the brand. Top-tier brands are usually costlier, but you can get more than the fancy tag. The higher cost margin of premium brands is often justified by durability, extended lifespan, and reliability.

Generally speaking, IC Massachusetts Forklifts are a lot cheaper than their electric counterparts with similar specifications. The most common forklift has a 5,000 lbs capacity. A new electrical forklift of such capacity usually costs $25,000-$30,000. An additional $3,000 – $5,500 may be incurred for a charger and a battery. 

Moreover, another $4,000- $7,000 and more is expected to pay out for battery transporter based on the weight rating. With such high upfront cost, used electric forklifts appeal more to budget conscious as they usually cost half that of a brand new one.

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