Montana Forklifts

Important things to Remember When Buying Montana Forklifts

Montana Forklifts for Sale – Montana, located in the western part of America, is the only state that borders three Canadian provinces – Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Its name comes from the Spanish word “montaña” which literally means a mountain. This is on account to more than 100 identified mountain ranges it has. They are located on the western side of Montana and are parts of the Northern Rocky Mountains. 

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Abounding river valleys and considerable agricultural resources can be found between the mountain ranges. The state is the 4th biggest amongst all states in terms of size. In terms of population, however, Montana is at the bottom. It is ranked 44th and 48th, in terms of the size of the population and population density.

Montana is mainly agricultural with the sector contributing more than $2.4 billion to the nation’s annual economic output. Almost 50% of the amount is attributed to livestock, mainly sheep and cattle. In terms of honey production, Montana is top five with almost 9 million lbs of annual output. 

Other essential sectors in the state are mining, microbrewing, and lumber. Montana is top three in the number of craft breweries per capita. Tourism is also a key sector with over 10 million tourists visiting major attractions, including Missouri River, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, and Flathead Lake.

Estimating Prices of Montana Forklifts

Are you looking at buying forklifts? When purchasing Montana forklifts, there are three important criteria to factor in the total cost of ownership. They are the availability of professional technicians, accessibility of parts, first call fix rate and turnaround time. Taking service labor rates into account is only a small fraction of a huge purchase decision. 

It is also necessary that you consider routine service and maintenance in the return of investment and long-term performance of the unit. Hence, it is also necessary to evaluate the reliability of the dealer before purchasing Montana Forklifts.

The price of new Montana forklifts usually ranges from $15,000 to more than $100,000 where size is a direct influence of the total cost. Average-sized new Montana Forklifts may cost $20,000 to $50,000. Aside from the size, another cost factor is the engine type. An internal combustion forklift of standard size is cheaper than its electric counterparts. When purchasing an electric forklift, there are a number of upfront costs involved, including battery packs, battery charging space, battery rechargers, and battery swapping equipment and personnel. 

When considering to purchase a used IC forklift, it is highly recommended for you to test the hydraulic pumps prior to making a deal as repairs can be expensive. Montana Forklifts usually have hydraulic pumps that are driven by internal chains that could cause a cracking sound if a major issue arises.

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