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Know Your Options Before Buying Nebraska Forklifts

Nebraska Forklifts for Sale – Nebraska, situated in the Midwestern part of America, is a small state of only around 200,000 km2 in size and only less than 2 million in population. The agriculture sector is the state’s key economic driver. Around 90%of the state’s land is covered by more than 49,000 farms and ranches spread across over 45million acres. Nebraska is amongst the leaders in the production of corn, soybeans, pork and beef in America. 

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The state is top four in agricultural sales amongst all the states and has more than $25 billion shares of the national economic output. Accounting for two-third of the state’s farm income comes from raising livestock, mainly hogs and cattle.

Aside from agriculture, the economy of Nebraska is fueled by the telco, manufacturing of electrical machinery, primary metals, IT, freight transport, and insurance sectors. The state’s largest industry is food processing, mainly production of beef. It accounts for over one-fourth of the state’s economy and nearly 11% of the workforce. These sectors have all contributed to the state’s status of being second lowest in terms of the unemployment rate in America. 

Manufacturing of chemicals, rubber, and plastics have been growing since the recession while manufacturing of machinery surges by more than threefold since the year 2009. It is not surprising, too, that amongst the best-paid positions in the state are in high-skilled manufacturing.

Estimating Prices of Nebraska Forklifts

Are you looking at buying a forklift? Nebraska Forklifts are a huge investment to make that may cost between $20,000 to $100,000 and more. Hence, it is necessary that when deciding which forklift to buy, you choose only what will meet your needs and includes as many technological advancements as possible to ensure it remains up-to-date. One of the major trends in Nebraska Forklifts technology today is the use of fuel cells as a source of power. 

It is billed as more superior than diesel and batteries in terms of productivity, emissions, and cost of ownership. Nonetheless, it’s development is still in infancy. It still has areas that need improvement to become more cost-effective.

The two major options for Nebraska forklifts based on power source are the battery-operated electric models and the internal combustion (IC) models that run traditionally on several types of fuel. Electric models have higher upfront cost than IC by 20-40%. The standard industrial battery can be recharged for around $3 per charge but that still depends on the efficiency of the charger and the cost of electricity in particular area. 

While IC Nebraska Forklifts are cheaper initially than the electric counterparts, they cost more per hour to run. You may expect to pay about $15,000 for diesel and $12,500 for propane gas, annually. Electric models may only cost you $1,500.

Nebraska Forklifts State Resources

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