Buying New Forklifts – A Guide

When buying new forklifts, there are questions to consider first even before you start looking at forklifts. These pointers will assist you in identifying your specific requirements and the type of forklift you may need. 

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The answers to these questions will narrow down your choice of new forklifts to suit your requirements.

  1. What are the weights and sizes of your usual loads?
  2. What is the elevation you require when lifting your loads?
  3. What will be the duration of use per day of your forklift?
  4. Will you be using your forklift inside, outdoors, or both?
  5. What is your maneuvering space? How wide is your narrowest aisle?

Capacity of the New Forklift

Forklifts are classified according to the weights they lift. The size of your usual load will influence your required capacity.

Height of the Forklift

Another thing to consider is the the typical height requirement you will need for your loads. Using your forklift for moving, loading and unloading in trucks may require minimal height capacity. However if you are intending use for warehousing, with your shelves going up as high as 8m, then you would need the appropriate forklift to meet that requirement. As the height requirement for your forklift would not change over time, it is best to think about your height requirement before purchasing.

Long or high loads on forklifts can be dangerous and are inappropriate for a forklift to carry. Being aware of the typical load requirements you have will assist you in identifying the exact forklift capacity you need. You would also need to determine the varying loads that you would require in your operations, in that you may wish to purchase a forklift with a higher capacity than what you currently need, to allow for future expansion that you may have.

Used forklifts or new forklifts? Get rid of your dilemma

New Forklifts or lift trucks have been high on demand, specifically with industrial organizations that call for new forklifts or employed forklifts for the transport of heavy and fundamental materials. New forklifts or employed forklifts are indispensable these days with the enormous quantity of takers. 

Correct from manufacturing to the stockrooms, these forklifts play a predominant role in the movement of raw materials or completed goods. Heavy goods industries like railway, infrastructure organizations, and so forth employ these machines in their every day operations. Due to high demand, there are some select businesses that have bridged in to give these specialized forklifts to industries and manufacturing units.

However, for some industries, used forklifts are best. Several industries even get these forklifts on a lease agreement. Nonetheless, nowadays used forklifts have become a popular choose by new industries and modest entrepreneurs who need them for their company wants. In fact, used forklifts that are properly maintained can be as excellent as new forklifts in some cases. This can help you to save money.

Used forklift or new forklift?

Some drawbacks of used forklifts may possibly incorporate noisy operation, shorter life and higher maintenance and repairs. Also, in a situation where you will be employing a forklift for everyday operations, you might want to rethink about getting a used forklift.  A reputed dealer will be a greater option for new forklifts and utilized forklifts rather than a relatively unpopular one. You will also have the advantage of far better service. Moreover, the utilized forklift will last longer if you purchase it from a certified dealer. He will also be handy at time of replacement, if any needed.

Safety precautions are the same whether implementing used forklifts or new forklifts.  While employing a previously owned forklift or a new forklift, one must be careful not to overload the machine. Accidents take place due to errors rather than technical faults. Do conduct safety checks on a regular basis, and authorized dealers can help with these check lists.

The world of customized New Forklifts: moreover, the amount of varieties, designs and types in which forklifts are accessible is commendable. As an entrepreneur you can be left spoiled with options.  Lift trucks, like automobiles and bikes are typically obtainable in a special customized manner. Therefore, a vendor could ask you to pick anything from Hand Pallet Trucks to Rider Stacker or Towing Tractor. Apart from these, Walkie Stacker and Sideloader are really popular too. Many more designs can be discovered with the vendor. It may be a new forklift or a utilized forklift. Each has its personal charm.

Similarly New Forklifts may be classified on the basis of their utility. Electric forklifts, Internal Combustion forklifts, narrow aisle forklifts and rough terrain forklifts are the popular types. There is a world out there. You just got to define your want.

After how many hours of driving and operating my forklift before it is recommenced I replace with a new forklift?

Wear and tear is believed to be a normal part of the life span of heavy duty machines. Forklift trucks are meant to be used for heavy duty and tough tasks. And generally these forklift trucks do have a pretty long life span compared to other vehicles. But the life span can be increased reasonably by taking proper care and servicing and changing the parts that have undergone damage.

How to avoid the cost of a new forklift.

Wearing out of parts: When parts of the New Forklifts truck wear out, they should be immediately replaced to avoid the cost of New Forklifts. But before that, one has to understand the problems of the vehicle first with proper details. There are also some options available that can be considered in case of a wearing out forklift truck. For example, if the major fork part has undergone damage one can opt for after market forklift parts. These can be better than the regular forks and are more rugged. They are built with high resistant heels with longer life. They can be fitted in a wide range of models and makes of forklift trucks. There are some other forks available called Plant Forks, that are designed to accommodate some specific models of forklift trucks. They are available in different lengths to suit the desired purpose properly.

Extended forks: If the New Forklifts requires telescoping extended forks, Menutel G2 can be considered for that. These sets can be attached or removed from the forklift forks easily. With these sets, one is assured to have the fork extensions within the legally permissible limits. There are some special cases where forklift trucks are operated in areas that should be kept spark free. Such areas may be explosive prone environments where various chemicals, explosives, flammable paints etc. are handled. In such operational areas, stainless steel clad forks are best suited. Stainless steel forks are also best suited in such activities where hygienic processes like food preparations, medicine manufacturing etc. are carried out.  If you are considering buying a new forklift you should think about various forklift attachments to extend the life of your new forklift.

Construction forks: While considering extreme rugged and heavy load operations like cement bags or concrete blocks lifting in large amounts, ITA class 2 as well as class 3 block forks are most suited. Such forks have a concave radius and extended tube for functioning in some specific tasks. These types of forklift trucks are specially designed to function in construction fields where speed of performance of forklift trucks exponentially increases job productivity. Also there are some tapered and blunt forks available. When the forklift truck has to insert its forks into spaces in pallets, tapered forks can be opted for easy lifting. Blunt end forks are also available to handle and lift products where chances are there in puncturing a product or a container because of the forks’ pointed ends.

Finally it can be said that it is not the time factor that decides forklifts replacements. It is the use and quality of maintenance of forklifts and also the purpose to use them that actually matters most.

Proper use and maintenance of forklift trucks determine when it is time for a new forklift.

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