New Jersey Forklifts

New Jersey Forklifts – Steps in Making Smart Comparison

New Jersey Forklifts for Sale – New Jersey, the fourth smallest state by land area, is located in the northeastern part of America. Despite its small size however, the state is the most densely populated among all states. Moreover, it is among the wealthiest states with nine of its counties making it to America’s wealthiest 100. Its per capita income is reported to be above $1,000 which is the third highest nationwide. 

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At 7.5% ratio, it is also ranked second in 2013 in terms of the number of millionaires per capita. New Jersey has one of the highest tax burdens in America. Surprisingly however, research firm WalletHub named New Jersey as the least dependent state upon Federal Government aid.

The biotech and pharmaceutical industries dominate New Jersey’s economy. Other industries of importance include chemical development, manufacturing of electric equipment, tourism, finance, telco, printing and publishing, and food processing. Interestingly, the energy consumption of New Jersey only accounts for less than 3% of the total consumption in America despite being a highly industrialized state. Its carbon dioxide emissions are also less than 1%. 

This is all because of nuclear power that supplies more than 50% of the state’s power generation. Moreover, the agriculture sector remains a significant economic player. In fact, the state is among the top producers of cranberries, peaches, bell peppers, blueberries, spinach, asparagus, and head lettuce.

Estimating Prices of New Jersey Forklifts

Since purchasing New Jersey forklifts is a huge investment, make it sure that it is not only functional but is also safe to use by the working personnel. Sometimes, this is among the last ones to be considered in the checklist prior to purchasing. Moreover, you need to set parameters. 

When comparing two highly competitive New Jersey forklifts based on their prices, be sure to study all their specifications and capabilities thoroughly before deciding which one to buy. It may help if you can request for a one full day test drive demo of the forklift you intend to buy and find out how it suits your needs.

Generally speaking, New Jersey Forklifts with an internal combustion engine are a lot cheaper than their electric counterparts with similar specifications. The most common forklift has a 5,000 lbs capacity. A new electrical forklift of such capacity usually costs $25,000-$30,000. An additional $3,000 – $5,500 may be incurred for a charger and a battery. 

Moreover, another $4,000- $7,000 and more is expected to pay out for battery transporter based on the weight rating. With such high upfront cost, used electric New Jersey Forklifts appeal more to budget conscious as they usually cost half that of a brand new one.

New Jersey Forklifts State Resources

New Jersey State Website

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