How Much Do Raymond Forklifts Cost?

Raymond Forklifts – Raymond started as a family business in 1922 and has expanded to become the leader in electric lift trucks in North America. It has more than nine decades of expertise when it comes to material handling solutions that help businesses boost productivity and increase efficiency.

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At present, the company is recognized in the US and Canada for its innovation and unwavering ability to enhance warehouse operations and meet your pallet stacking and truck loading, and unloading needs.

Hundreds of businesses have chosen to partner with Raymond forklifts because it is more than a lift truck company. It goes above and beyond in what they do based on the company’s mission to become an important part of its customer’s supply chain.

The forklifts, lift trucks, and other narrow aisle storage material handling solutions being offered by Raymond lift trucks always exceed customer expectations. They are durable, reliable, innovative, and often outperform the competition to upgrade dock operations and warehouse operations.

Raymond forklift trucks built their reputation on delivering the highest levels of service and quality. They are designed for very narrow aisle versatility. You’re sure to find the right forklift for your needs.

Raymond Forklifts Types

Reach Fork Trucks

Reach for Trucks are designed for superb material handling comfort for the operator. They are integrated with Raymond’s ACR System, which is a combination of ergonomics and AC technology for faster and more efficient operations.

Swing Reach Trucks

If you want to maximize your storage capacity, you need the Swing-Reach Trucks from Raymond. They have increased pallet capacity up to three times and are all within the same warehouse.

Order Pickers

Raymond Order Pickers feature the exclusive ACR system for faster delivery and smoother operations. These pickers are added with variable lift, power steering with auto-steer centering, and simultaneous function control handles batch picking.

Pallet Trucks

If you are looking for superb durability and unmatched productivity truck, you must go for Pallet Trucks. These workhorses can handle the most demanding tasks in the warehouse.

Tow Tractors

The Tow Tractors from Raymond are durable workhorses that are integrated with the exclusive ACR system. It comes with durable construction and has outstanding operator control.

Side Loaders

With Raymond Side Loaders, you can move bulky items even with very narrow aisles narrow aisle max load. Now you can stack heavier loads higher because these forklifts have 12,000 lbs lifting capacity and can handle up to 26 feet long materials.

4-D Lift Trucks

It is easier to handle bulky, long materials with Raymond 4 Directional Forklift Trucks. They can easily eliminate the need to perform right-angle turns for increased efficiency truck loading and superb narrow aisle palletless maneuverability. They have a narrow aisle max load capacity of 12,000 lbs and a max lift height of 26 feet.

Counterbalanced Lift Trucks

Raymond Counterbalance Trucks allow you to safely load and lift bulky items. These trucks are added with comfort features and powerful AC drives for increased productivity and more efficient operations. They are ideal for supplying rack vehicles, drive-in racking, narrow aisle palletless, and mezzanine level storage.

Automated Lift Trucks

Raymond lift trucks are designed with advanced technologies to improve your warehouse productivity and efficiency. These trucks feature the ACR System, AutoEZ e-Commerce System and Raymond RAYconnect System.

Automated Tow Tractor

The Raymond Automated Tow Tractor is designed to handle your towing needs in the warehouse. This tow tractor can automatically connect and disconnect from trailers for increased specialty racks efficiency.


Raymond Stackers are designed with enough lifting capacity specialty racks so your operator can maneuver several bulky loads pallets at the same time.

Automated Pallet Jack

The Raymond Automated Pallet Jacks is designed for increased productivity and efficiency. This jack can automatically connect and disconnect from trailers for increased efficiency for automated guided vehicles.

Center Rider Pallet Jack

The Raymond Center Rider Pallet Jacks are designed for increased productivity and efficiency. This jack can automatically connect and disconnect from trailers for increased efficiency.

Below are current pricing examples of Raymond forklifts that one can get. This will give you an idea of what exactly you will get for your money. For complete and accurate quotes for buying or renting a used or new forklift, fill out our form. You will then be contacted by Raymond Forklifts suppliers in your local area with FREE forklift pricing quotes.

RAYMOND Forklift 83/240 Quad Mast, Side Shift

Year: 2005

Model: R35C35QM

Price: $3,500

RAYMOND Reach truck

Year: 2008

Model: 20R40TT

Price: $3,500

Raymond 3k order picker

Year: 1988

Model: 152OPC30TT

Price: $7,995

When should I replace Raymond lift trucks?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the lifespan of a forklift can depend on many different factors. Factors that may influence the longevity of your forklift include how often it is used, how much weight it is carrying, and whether or not regular maintenance and repairs are performed.

Some signs that indicate that you may need to replace your forklift include increased fuel consumption, decreased performance, and excessive wear and tear on the engine. If you are unsure about whether or not your forklift needs to be replaced, it is best to consult a certified mechanic for a professional assessment. Ultimately, the decision of when to replace your forklift should be based on your circumstances and the advice of a trusted expert.

How can I buy a lift truck?

The best way to buy a lift truck is to consult with a local Raymond Forklifts dealer. They will be able to assess your needs and recommend the best model of forklift for your business. Once you have decided on the right compact footprint forklift for your needs, they will be able to provide you with pricing information and help you arrange to finance if necessary.

Additionally, they will be able to provide you with any additional support and advice that you may need to ensure a smooth and successful lift truck purchase process. Overall, working with a reputable forklift dealer is the best way to buy a new or used forklift that meets your specific needs and budget.

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