South Carolina Forklifts

South Carolina Forklifts – Various Types and Prices

South Carolina Forklifts for Sale – South Carolina, the most earthquake-prone state, is located in the southeastern part of America. Along with its central coastline, the Charleston area, the state has the greatest annual frequency of earthquakes at 10-15 on average below magnitude 3. 

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America’s most damaging earthquake was the 7.2 magnitude Charleston Earthquake that hit South Carolina in 1886 and killing 60 people. The state is named after King Charles I who granted his attorney-general Sir Robert Heath the Cape Fear region of America which was later on incorporated as the Province of Carolina in 1629.

Tropical cyclones and tornadoes also often hit the state. From the months of June to November, Hurricanes are a major disturbance. Two of the strongest hurricanes that wreaked havoc the state were the Hurricane Hazel in 1954 and the Hurricane Hugo in 1989 which were both classified under Category 4. 

The state also has an average 50-day thunderstorm activity every year. This is, however, less compared to some of the states in the further south. Moreover, it is also quite less vulnerable to tornadoes when compared to states encompassing the Gulf of Mexico. The state only has an average of 14 tornadoes every year.

Estimating Prices of South Carolina Forklifts

There are various types of South Carolina forklifts and prices varies largely on the engine type, manufacturer, and lift capacity. A new South Carolina Forklifts can cause anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on the model and capacity. The costliest type is the rough terrain forklift which is being sold for over $100,000 while the narrow aisle is the cheapest at about $10,000 tag price. 

Gas-powered South Carolina Forklifts with capacities of 2 and 2.5 tons are the most common in the market. You can buy from less well-known Chinese manufacturer a gas-powered forklift for about $18,500 while a German manufacturer can command a higher price of about $20,000.

When buying new South Carolina Forklifts, it is also important to secure warranties. While it may add up to the cost of the unit initially, warranties can give you huge savings in the long run. There are many warranty types you may avail. It could be directed to the general equipment as a whole or it can be tailored to a particular part of the forklift, such as the powertrain or transmission. 

In either case, securing warranties is a smart decision as parts of the South Carolina Forklifts can be insured for up to the life of the device. Just in case a repair is needed for some parts that malfunctioned, you are assured that they will be handled free of charge, and hence can save you thousand bucks over the course of its lifespan.

State Resources

South Carolina State Website

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