Washington Forklifts

What You Need to Know Before Comparing Washington Forklifts

Washington Forklifts for Sale – Washington, also known as the State of Washington or Washington State to identify it from Washington,D.C., is located in the Pacific Northwest region of America. The state has more than 7 million population, around 60% of which settle in the Seattle metropolitan, Washington’s business center. 

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The state leads the nation in lumber production. Various plants including larch, spruce, ponderosa pine, hemlock, cedar, white pine, Douglas fir and white pine grow in abundance in the state’s temperate rainforests and mountain ranges. Its major agricultural output includes lentils, potatoes, pears, red raspberries, peppermint oil, apples and sweet cherries.

Washington also generates its income from livestock raising and commercial fishing of salmon, bottom fish, and halibut. Manufacturing industries are thriving in the state. That includes lumber, aircraft and missiles, machinery, metals and metal products, shipbuilding, transportation equipment, food processing, and chemicals. To help boost the agriculture and its major industry sectors, the local government put up the Grand Coulee Dam and 1000 more dams. 

They serve many purposes, including power generation, irrigation, water storage, and flood control. Washington generates more than 80% of its electricity from hydropower sources. In terms of technology advancement, important tech companies such as Valve Corp., Nintendo of America, Amazon and Microsoft are headquartered here. In fact, Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, lives in Washington.

Estimating Prices of Washington Forklifts

Before comparing Washington forklifts, you must be first aware of various critical specifications that can help you sort out those that are not up to the task. One of the most important considerations is the source of power. They are classified into two: the electric and the internal combustion (IC). The electric forklifts are powered by the on-board battery while the IC runs on fuel. 

The electric forklifts supply enough power for an eight-hour shift or up to six hours of continuous use. It is a more preferred choice for indoor operations as it emits zero emissions. Moreover, it has a lower cost per hour-of-operation that any model of IC. That said, electric forklifts have a higher upfront cost for 20-40% more.

IC sources its power from various types of fuel such as LPG, gasoline, compressed natural gas, and diesel. The primary advantage of using an IC forklift is that they are capable of operating in any kind of environment. Moreover, it has far a greater weight capacity of 120,000 lbs. compared to just 12,000 lbs. for an electric counterpart. IC forklifts also have a slightly higher reach. 

They cap out around 36 ft. while electric Washington Forklifts forklifts don’t even go higher than 30 ft. However, while they are cheaper initially than electric forklifts, IC Washington Forklifts models cost more per hour to run. You may expect to pay around $25 -35 to fill a 33-lb propane tank and $30 for a 7-gallon diesel tank.

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